Phone 0800 25 29 25 and speak with our reservations team to book your camping equipment.

Camping equipment needs to booked at least 1 day prior to travel.

Plastic Bags

Keeping your gear dry
$0.50 per day

Two Person Tent

Suitable for Kayak transportation
$25.00 per day

Sleeping Bag & Liner

Suitable for all seasons
$15.00 per day

Foam Sleeping Mat

Save your back with a mat
$5.00 per day

Pelican Camera Box

The right way to transport your camera in a kayak
$10.00 per day

Cooking Set for Two People

Plates, cups, bowls, utensils, wash kit, cooker, tea towel, matches, gas cooker + fuel
$25.00 per day

Extra Can of Cooker Fuel

Planning to cook up a storm?
$7.00 per day